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Wallpaper Nr 39 Dragonball Vegetto SSJ 4 by WallpaperZero
Wallpaper Nr 33 Dragonball Broly 2 by WallpaperZero
Wallpaper Nr 27 Dragonball GT Pan by WallpaperZero
Wallpaper Nr 26 Dragonball Bardock by WallpaperZero
vegeta ssj 4 by overkillborjack
Ascended Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta by MalikStudios
Vegeta Super Saiyan 4 by AbajiTheGreat
Vegeta GT SSJ4 V2 by theothersmen
Goku Ssj4 by Jarcuto
Evil Goku SSJ4 by inglip007
Nuova and Goku by Brinx-dragonball
Let's Get Serious by BubbaZ85
The Fused by autobot2
Ultimate Fusion by BubbaZ85
Request: The Ultimate Fusion, Brez SSJ4 by chrisolian
Gogeta - Fusion Unleashed by MalikStudios
Goten GT SSJ4 V3 by theothersmen
Goten GT SSJ4 V3 Lineart by theothersmen
Goten GT SSJ4 V2 Lineart by theothersmen
Goten GT SSJ4 V2 by theothersmen
Trunks Ssj 4 vercion 2 by overkillborjack
Trunks Ssj 4 by overkillborjack
Future Trunks SSJ4 V5 by theothersmen
Future Trunks SSJ4 by ProRimz
Gohan ssj4 by eutanacia
SSJ4 Gohan  by Evil-Black-Sparx-77
Hope You Did Homework by ChahlesXavier
DBGT Gohan Orange Gi SSJ4 by bhartigan
DBZ Universe : Bane SSJ4 by DarkBane95
DBZ Universe : Bane SSJ 4 Asc2 by DarkBane95
DBZ Universe : King SSJ 4 by DarkBane95
DBZ Universe : Kayne SSJ 4 by DarkBane95
Misc. Dbz Characters
Super Saiyan 4 Pan by EspadaDelOscuro
Raditz Ssj 4 by overkillborjack
Broly Ssj 4 by overkillborjack

Mature Content

Pan GT SSJ4 V3 by theothersmen
SSJ4 Saiyans
vegeta vs goku by salvamakoto
Vegeta and Goku SSJ4 Lineart by Brinx-dragonball
SSJ4 vs Shenrons by Brinx-dragonball
Super Ssj 4 Group by overkillborjack


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Group Intro & Rules

Welcome to SSJ4Lovers :D This is a group dedicated only to SSJ4. Anyone can join and submit art! Let's try and collect as many SSJ4 Deviations as possible! Submit! Submit! Submit! =P

~ All deviations must have an SSJ4 Saiyans in it from DB Z GT, not including OC's.

~ OC's are accepted.

~ Characters from other shows turned into SSJ4 are not accepted.

~ YAOI/YURI are NOT accepted.

~ An unlimited amount of deviations can be submitted daily.

If anyone has any questions please send me a note :)

Enjoy! :D

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Mar 2, 2011


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A friend and I are trying to make a DBZ RPG website, we've got that part done, now all we need are members... yes MEMBERS!

What you have to do to become a member is go to this website: [link] there you will read the rules on the home page, after that you will have to create an account, then you'll have to make a character, you will post this with information regarding your character only: (In order to post this, you'll have to click on "Recent Forum Posts", "Characters", and "+ New Topic". That is where you will post all the following information.)

Character's name: (The name you would like your character to have)

Nickname(s): (Any nickname(s) your character has)

Gender: (Female/Male)

Age: (Your characters age, can be however old, but be responsible and make sure your character acts his/her's age)

Appearance: (Expound on your characters hair, eye color, physique and clothing. Try being as descriptive as possible)

Picture: (A picture of your character)

Location: (Where your character is currently living or where he/she starts out)

Race: (Your character's race, what you want he/she to be whether it be a Sayian, Buu, Human, or any other from the series, you can make your own race to figure out how, go to the help page and leave a message and we'll try getting back to you as soon as possible)

Character card: (Your character card you can choose to post or not)

Power Level: (Your power level automatically starts at 200)



(The highest you can go to is 97 you will rate 1-97 on your stats though at the end they should all add up to 100. 1-29 means that your character lacks in that area of expertise, 30-40 means that it's pretty equal as in your character has no trouble with it, and 41-97 means that your character needs no help with that stat, aka their at professional range.)

STR: (Strength)

FOC: (Focus)

END: (Endurance)

AGI:  (Agility)


Character Traits: (List your character traits)

Abilities: (List your characters 3 abilities and what they do)

Technique List: (List the techniques your character has learned; please provide descriptions or the custom ones to prevent confusion. Custom techniques must be approved. You may ONLY choose 2 techniques to start off with)

Ki Control: (The user can focus and control their internal Ki. Most commonly done through beams, blasts, or some kinds of barriers.)

Alignment: (Basically whether your character is good, semi-good, or just plain evil. Be warned the actions you choose to make on this website can and will cause your alignment to change)

Personality: (Your character's personality, how he/she acts, their likes and dislikes, mental disabilities, and anything else involving physiological state. 100 words or less)

Weakness: (Any fears or phobias he/she has, disadvantages in battle, elements they have issues with etc. Choose AT LEAST 3)

Strengths: (Their advantages in combat, elements they are strongest in etc. Also may only have 3)

Motivations: (Why your character is doing what he/she does. Try getting up to at least 100 words)

History: (All the things your character has gone through, so just past history etc)

After you post your character She/He will have to be accepted by Me and another person named beastboybrown, we will be the ones who will help you edit your character (if it needs it). If you have any questions, email either me at or beasty at, or contact me on here or on webs.

So please, please join, really appreciated.
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